Signing Up a Reckon Customer to SmartVault


SmartVault has teamed up with Reckon to give accredited partners the ability to refer and earn commissions on SmartVault. 

You've been assigned a unique referral code and a tracking link that you can use to track your referrals. For every account you refer, you must enter your referral code to ensure you get credit for the reference. If you're a Reckon Accredited Partner, use these steps to sign up your customer for SmartVault to integrate with Reckon accounts.

You can sign up a Reckon customer to SmartVault in two ways: 

  • Sending a link with your embedded AP referral code to your client to have them sign up for their SmartVault account. 
  • Manually enter your AP referral code when signing up directly from the Reckon website.

You will receive an email from the AP Program Manager who has the embedded link. If you do not have an AP referral code, please contact your accredited partner manager.

Using Referral Codes

Your referral code is “RAP + [Reckon AP ID]". 

Example: RAP709

Using your referral code, have the client sign up so that you, as the AP Program Manager, get the necessary credit.

You will sign up your client using the SmartVault for Reckon Accounts plan. This account is:

  • Paid for by the client using their payment method
  • Installed in the client's environment
  • Integrated with their Reckon account

As the AP Program Manager, you need to be invited by their primary administrator if they choose to share it with you.  You should recommend the best practices for their vault and folder structure design. 


If you're a Reckon AP, you do not need the SmartVault for Account plan. You need to have the SmartVault for Reckon Partners plan available on Reckon's website.

Signing Up a Reckon Customer

  1. Once you've obtained your unique link from the AP Program Manager with your AP code, share the link with as many clients as you like.
    • Post it on your website with a Sign up for SmartVault button
    • Make it a part of your email signature
    • Include your code on your business card
    • Included it in your consultation agreement checklist 
  2. Once you've used the code to sign up a client for SmartVault for Reckon Accounts, direct them to the Getting Started Guide for Reckon Accounts.  
  3. For higher rates of adoption, we recommend walking the customer through the guide and getting them set up and running with three basic things:
    • Setup and review the SmartVault portal
    • Help them with the Reckon Books integration and demonstrate the workflow
    • Share some of SmartVault best practices for vault and folder structure
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