Understanding Clients, Client Types, and Type Qualifiers


When adding clients to SmartVault, you specify the client type and type qualifier. The client type and type qualifier help you organize your clients. 

You can assign the client type: Person or Entity. You can add and delete type qualifiers. For more information, see Adding Client Type Qualifiers

Client Types

There are two client types: Entity (organization) and Person. This determines the folder structure SmartVault automatically assigns to this client. 

Type Qualifiers

The type qualifier lets you organize the client type into further categories. For example, if the client type is an entity (business), the client type qualifiers can be Corporate, S-Corp, Partnership, Estate, etc. If the client type is a person, then the type qualifier can be Individual, Sole Proprietor, etc.

To add a new type qualifier, click the + after clicking the text in the Type qualifier field.