Uploading Files to SmartVault Using the SmartVault PDF Printer (UK)


The SmartVault PDF Printer lets you automatically convert files to PDFs and upload those PDFs to SmartVault.  

Uploading Files to SmartVault

To use the SmartVault PDF Printer to upload files to SmartVault:

  1. Open the report/document you wish to send to SmartVault.
  2. Go to Print > SmartVault PDF Printer and print.
  3. A window appears where you can select a location (Connected Desktop, Inbox, or Auto-Filer) to send the printed PDF. Your file will be uploaded to SmartVault.


    You will need to be logged into the Connected Desktop to print a file using the Connected Desktop.

If you choose Connected Desktop, you will see the client and folder to which the PDF will be sent. You can select a different Client and folder within Connected Desktop before clicking the Connected Desktop option. Your document will be sent across as a PDF using the file name of your document.

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