Moving Client's Data to Their SmartVault Account

There will be times when you have a client leaving your services, and you need to securely give them a copy of their data. One way to do it is to have them create their own SmartVault account and securely transfer it to them.


  • The client should have a SmartVault account of their own.
  • You have to have administrator access to their account temporarily.

Client Should Have their own SmartVault Account (client task)

  1. If they use their existing SmartVault email address to sign up, they must first sign in to their SmartVault portal.
  2. Once signed in, they should pick a plan on this SmartVault Plans page.
  3. If they pick the 1 user Standard plan, they will need to add a user license during the trialing phase of the account. (see next section). If they choose the Team or Professional, they can skip to Adding a User as an Administrator.

Adding Additional User License (client task)

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select the account to which you want to make changes.
  3. Click the Account Settings (initials in the top right corner) to open.
  4. Click Billing
  5. Add additional user licenses and storage in the Update Plan section, if necessary, and click Save. (remember to come back to this page to remove the extra user if not needed after the data has been moved)

Add an Administrator to the Account (client task)

  1. From the SmartVault Dashboard, click Account Settings (initials in the top right corner)
  2. Under Manage Groups, click Administrators.
  3. Click the Add Member button and follow the prompts.

Move Clients Data to Client's SmartVault Account (account owner task)

Once you have access to your client's account as an administrator, you can move their data from your Files and Folders Dashboard to their account.

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault portal and select your account in the list.
  2. From the Dashboard Home page, click the Clients icon and find your client in the list.
  3. On the Client Contact card or the client line, click the vault icon to go to the client's vault.
  4. Click the Select All option in the toolbar above the folder list and then click the Move button.
  5. Select the target account and vault to move to and click Ok.
  6. Please wait for the data to move over (it may take a few minutes).

Remove Temporary Admin from Account (client task)

Once the data has been moved over, you can now remove the temporary admin and reduce your license count, if needed.

  1. From the SmartVault Dashboard, click Account Settings (initials in the top-right corner)
  2. Click Licenses and find the temporary admin on the Users tab and click Remove.
  3. From the SmartVault Dashboard, click Account Settings click Billing.
  4. Change the user count under the Update Plan section to the number of users you need and click Save.
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