Adding Clients Using the SmartVault Dashboard (UK)

If you have less than a dozen new clients to add at once, you can use the SmartVault Dashboard.

However, if you have more than a dozen new clients to add, we recommend creating them in your software (e.g., TaxCalc) first and then using the SmartVault Data Import Tool to import them. 

For more information, see Exporting Your Client List from TaxCalc or, for importing from other programs, Importing New Clients via a CSV File (UK)

Adding a Client Via the SmartVault Dashboard

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Clients.
  3. Click the Add client icon to add a client.
  4. Click the + signs to enter information for a client's name, email, and phone number. 
  5. Click the Save changes icon to add the client to your client list. 
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