Understanding the SmartVault Connected Desktop (UK)

The Connected Desktop is the easiest way to work with the documents you store in SmartVault. 

The Connected Desktop is where you upload, download, scan, edit, generate, and send documents for specific clients. 

The image below displays the Connected Desktop. The numbers on the image correspond to the definitions of each section below.  

  1. Search Bar: Use the Search bar to filter your clients in your client list. Your search text is matched against your client list to display only those clients.
  2. Client List Pane: This is a list of all clients in your account. Clicking a client displays the client's folders and files in the Document View pane.
  3. Document View Toolbar: Use this toolbar when working with client files and folders in the Document View pane. The Document View toolbar is contextual and changes based on whether you work with a file or a folder.
  4. Document View Pane: The Document View pane is the main window in the Connected Desktop. You use it to work on client files and folders stored in SmartVault.
  5. Client Folder Structure: This is the folder structure used to store your clients' files and folders in SmartVault. If you make changes to files or folders here, they are automatically reflected in SmartVault.

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