Changing Folder Permissions

To change permissions on a folder:

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
2. Navigate to the folder for which you want to change permissions.
3. Click the Container properties icon.

4. Click the Access and Notifications tab to see who has access to this particular vault or folder.
5. Click Edit Access Settings

6. Click Add User

7. Add user information, as well as access and notification settings. When you are done, click Add

8. Enable any of the checkboxes to change the upload or download notifications. 

9. Select one of the options from the Apply changes to menu:

  • This folder only - Applies changes to this folder only.
  • This folder and all subfolders - Applies changes you made to all subfolders. 
  • This folder and make all subfolder access settings exactly like these - Any changes are applied to all subfolders to be a clone copy of the permissions on this folder. 

10. Click Save Settings