Cannot Print from Lacerte/ProSeries to SmartVault after Upgrading to Windows 10


After installing Windows 10 on your computer, you may be unable to print from Lacerte/ProSeries to SmartVault. When trying to print, the following window may appear: 

Lacerte/ProSeries 2014 and older versions install a PDF print driver that is not fully compatible with Windows 10. This creates a conflict with the SmartVault Print Driver.  

Resolving This Issue

To fix this issue, install the updated Lacerte/ProSeries PDF Printer driver by running the Lacerte PDF 450 tool.

  1. Close out of Lacerte/ProSeries and SmartVault.
  2. Download the Lacerte PDF 450 Tool.
  3. Run the downloaded tool.
  4. Press any key to exit the tool.