Understanding the SmartVault Connected Desktop

With the Connected Desktop, your documents are just a few clicks away! You can easily store, organize, and manage all your client files in a consolidated view from a single dashboard.  

Below is a screenshot of the Connected Desktop, highlighting some significant features.


  1. Search Bar: Use the search bar to filter your client list. 
  2. Client List Pane: This is a list of all clients in your account. If you click on a name, you can access all of their folders and files.
  3. Document View Toolbar: Use this toolbar to manage client files and folders. Note that the Document View toolbar is contextual and changes based on whether you are working with a file or a folder.
  4. Document View Pane: The Document View pane is the main window in the Connected Desktop. Use it to work on client files and folders stored in SmartVault.
  5. Client Folder Structure: This is the folder structure used to store your clients' files and folders in SmartVault. If you make changes to files or folders here, they are automatically reflected in SmartVault.
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