Uploading Files as a Guest

How Guests Work in SmartVault

Guests are individuals with whom a SmartVault user wants to share documents that are stored on SmartVault. Guests can upload and access files through the SmartVault portal, inbox, and mobile app.  

Typically, an accountant invites their clients to access important tax forms in SmartVault as a Guest user. This ensures that each client can only access their own tax forms in their vault.

If you are an account owner or a Tax Plan employee, the process for uploading your files is different. For more information, see Uploading Files Using the SmartVault Portal and Uploading Files to SmartVault Using the Connected Desktop

Accessing SmartVault as a Guest User

In order to activate your guest account and access SmartVault, you must have your account administrator invite you. If you have not received this invitation email, reach out to your account administrator and ask them to invite you.

For more information, see SmartVault for Guest Users and Uploading Files as a Guest User.


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