Uploading Files to SmartVault Using an Android Device


Before uploading files to SmartVault on your Android device, ensure that both your Android device and Google Chrome are up to date.

For information on uploading from iOS devices, see Uploading Files to SmartVault Using an iPhone or iPad


SmartVault does not support third-party apps.

Uploading to SmartVault Using an Android Device

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Log in to the SmartVault Portal
  3. Tap the Menu button in Chrome and then tap Request desktop site.
  4. After the page reloads, navigate to the folder you want to upload to and tap Upload File.
  5. Tap Browse.
  6. Choose an action. You can take a picture of your attachment by tapping Camera or browse your mobile device for an existing document by tapping Documents. After you take the picture or select the document, the upload will automatically begin.


    The camera option may not be available on all Android devices.

  7. When complete, tap Close. A message appears when your files have been uploaded successfully. 
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