Dragging and Dropping Files in the Connected Desktop


When you drag and drop a document to and from SmartVault, it adds a copy of the document to your desktop or SmartVault; it does not move the document itself.

For example, when you upload a document from your desktop to SmartVault, the original document stays on your desktop, and a copy of the document is uploaded to SmartVault.

Below are two ways you can get drag and drop documents into and out of the Connected Desktop.

Uploading a Document from Your Desktop to SmartVault

  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  2. Drag the document into any location in your Connected Desktop.


    A green arrow appears when you are dragging the file, indicating where in SmartVault the file will be uploaded.

A message on the bottom right-hand side of your desktop confirms the upload completion.


Downloading a Document from SmartVault to Your Desktop

  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  2. Click and drag the file from your Connected Desktop to any location on your computer.

The file is copied to the location you selected on your computer.

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