Sending a Password-Protected File

With SmartVault Connected Desktop, you can send password-protected PDF files to any recipient who isn't a customer or guest of your account. 

Before sending, you can change the PDF file(s), including/excluding annotations, deleting pages, and changing a page's orientation. 


You can only send files using an email client (email service accessed through desktop programs). You cannot use a browser-based email service like Gmail.

To send a password-protected file:

  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop
  2. Locate and select the file(s) you want to send.
  3. Right-click the file(s) and choose Send to > Mail Recipient
  4. In Email Files - SmartVault, select the Password protect and encrypt all PDF documents sent in this email checkbox and click Send
  5. Enter a password for the file. 


    You'll need to give this password to the recipient.

  6. Click OK. The PDF is attached to an email message in your default email program.
  7. Enter the email address(es) for the recipient(s) and click Send
    Here's an animated guide illustrating the steps visually. If it appears too small, simply click the Expand icon KB - Expand icon.png in the bottom right corner to enlarge it. 
    Sending a Password-Protected File.gif
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