Sending Lacerte Tax Organizers to SmartVault

You can use the Organizer tool in Lacerte to transfer (print) your Client Organizers to SmartVault. Lacerte sends your Client Organizers from the previous year to each client’s corresponding current tax engagement folder in SmartVault. For example, you will print e-organizers from the 2020 Lacerte program to send them to your TY21 folders in SmartVault.


Printing Lacerte Tax Organizers into SmartVault

To print tax organizers to SmartVault in Lacerte versions 2014 and later:


Access the prior year's Lacerte program to print files to the current year in SmartVault.

  1. Open your prior year's version of Lacerte.
  2. Go to Tools>Organizer>Print Paper Organizer or click Setup or Print Tax Organizers below the main toolbar, then select Print Paper Organizer from the Options menu.

    2019 Lacerte Individual Tax window with the print paper organizer icon highlighted. See information above

  3. Go to Option to select the type of organizer to send to SmartVault (Complete, Condensed, etc.).

    Organizer Window in Lacerte with options highlighted. See information above

  4. Go to Available Clients, select your clients, then click Add to move them to Selected Clients.
  5. Click Print.

    Lacerte organizer window with selected clients highlighted. See information above

  6. In Print Settings, go to Print to: and select SmartVault.
  7. Click OK to transfer your Selected Clients’ organizers to your SmartVault folders.


    You can also print to your physical printer, but do not select the Document Management System (DMS).

    Print settings window with printer and smart vault selected for print to. See information above

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