Saving an Email Message Using the Outlook Plug-in


By default, Upload Emails display on the Outlook home screen, while Upload Attachments display on the reading mail screen. You can change these default settings when installing the Outlook plug-in.

Saving an Email Message

1. Open Microsoft Outlook. The SmartVault Outlook plug-in displays on the Home menu.
2. Select one or more emails to upload to your SmartVault account.
3. Click Upload Emails.
Note: If you don't see Upload Emails, expand the Outlook plug-in menu and select Upload Emails.
4. Select the destination folder for the message(s).
Note: If necessary, enable the setting to edit the upload options.
5. Click Upload Files. You will receive an alert when your files finish uploading.
Note: If you choose to edit the upload options, you can change the file name, the description, or the file overwrite rules before uploading begins.