Understanding and Managing SmartVault Folder Access Permissions

In SmartVault, you can securely share folders with your employees and clients. When you share a folder, you are granting a license allowing users access to a folder and its documents. On a more granular level, you can also assign permissions that specify exactly what actions they can perform on child folders and documents within the folder.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you are assigned to the SmartVault Administrators or Vault Managers group for the folder you want to share.  
  • If you're the SmartVault account owner, you're automatically a SmartVault Administrator and can share vaults and folders. If you aren't the account owner but wish to share folders, contact the account owner or another SmartVault Administrator to change your role.

How Parent and Subfolder Permissions Work

When you create a subfolder under a parent folder, the subfolder folder inherits all of the permissions from the parent folder. However, if you change the permissions for a parent folder that contains subfolders, the permissions for the subfolders do not automatically change. To change the permissions for the subfolders, select the "Apply changes to..." subfolders option.

SmartVault Folder Permissions

Here's a breakdown of the permissions available when sharing a folder:

Full Access

Full access is equivalent to granting read, write, create, and delete permissions. It allows users to: 

  • View, download, and edit documents
  • Modify document properties
  • Upload documents
  • Delete the folder itself or any document inside

Read access allows users to perform the following tasks in a folder:

  • View  and download documents
  • View document properties
  • Email document links

Note: Uploading documents isn't permissible with this access. 


Write access allows users to perform the following tasks in a folder:

  • Edit documents and their properties
  • Rename the folder. Guests and clients can't rename folders but can rename documents.)
  • Modify file names or descriptions.
  • Use SmartVault Drive (or a mapped drive from a Mac, iPad, or smartphone) to open, edit, and save documents to the folder.

Note: Uploading new documents is not allowed.


Create access allows users to perform the following task in a folder:

  • Upload new documents
  • Create new subfolders inside the current folder

Note: Guests and clients cannot create folders with this permission.


Delete access grants users the ability to:

  • Delete a folder
  • Remove any document inside a folder
  • Delete permissions for nested subfolders

Note: Guests can't delete folders but can remove documents.

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