Windows Requests your SmartVault Credentials Every Time You Open an Office Document

When opening an office document (ex. Word, Excel) from the SmartVault Drive, you may be prompted for your SmartVault credentials.


For users on Tax Plan accounts, you do not experience this issue while utilizing the new Connected Desktop to open documents.

This behavior is a function of Microsoft Office attempting to maintain your system security when accessing an online resource. It can not be changed, however, Microsoft does offer some advice to minimize the need to log in repeatedly.

Excerpt from Microsoft Support.

Leave the application open – For those who want to maintain direct-editing functionality but for whom FBA with persistent cookies is not an option, the users can reduce the impact of multiple prompts by leaving the application open after the first access is made. By closing only the document instead of the application, another document that uses the same application can be opened without the user being prompted for credentials because the executing process has already been authenticated. Documents of different types that require a different application do still require a prompt for each new application that needs to access the site.

Select "remember the password" – The requests for credentials can also be less intrusive if the user selects the option to remember the password. This should only be done if the client computer is in a private trusted environment, and it should not be used on a public computer (many companies set a policy that prohibits the saving of passwords). Saving the password will not eliminate the request but will pre-populate it with the information so that only a single click/keystroke is needed to respond. The site should be added to the Trusted Sites zone if this approach is used.


There have been several cases where Windows will not "remember the password" although you check off the Remember Username and Password checkbox. To force Windows to remember the user name and password, follow the steps below. You will still be prompted for a username and password, but after following the steps below, you will no longer have to type in your username and password each time.

  1. Open the Control Panel on your computer and do a search for Credential Manager.

  2. After you open Credential Manager, click on Add a Generic Credential.

  3. Under Internet or Network Address, type in and fill in your SmartVault email address and password. Then click Ok. You will no longer have to continue typing in your email and password.

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