Corrupted PIN File for the Outlook Plugin — Changed Windows Password


The encryption for the Outlook Plugin PIN has failed. Usually, this occurs when the user has changed their Windows password. You need to manually remove the existing PIN before you can populate a new PIN.


To resolve the issue, you must first delete the old PIN files. Follow the steps in this section:

  1. Close Outlook if it is open.
  2. Navigate to the AppData folder:
    • Computer>Local Disk(C:)>Users>UserName>AppData>Roaming
  3. Locate the XML file(s) named
  4. Delete the PIN file with the user's email address included.

Next, remove the application integration from the browser:

  1. Login to the portal.
  2. Click My Info > My Apps
  3. Click Revoke for the Outlook extension.

Finally, restart Outlook and attempt to set up the PIN again. When you click Get Pin, you will need to allow the app to integrate.

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