Administrator and Employee Abilities in a Tax Accounting Plan


An Administrator in a SmartVault Tax Accounting plan is granted additional abilities that a regular employee user doesn't have. The Administrator group has the highest level of access than any user group in your account. The Administrator group is an account-level group, meaning that users in this group are granted access and abilities across the entire account.

Each user you try to make an Administrator must first be a member of the Employee group. You cannot set a Guest user, tax client, or Seasonal Worker as an Administrator.

See this article to set an employee as an Administrator in your account.

See this article to add an employee to your account.


Since Administrators are also members of the Employees group, they are granted the same abilities as Employees. Also, Administrators are granted several abilities that Employees cannot perform.

*Firm Manager is a vault-level group that you can place your employees in for specific client vaults. If you add an employee as a Firm Manager on a particular vault, that employee will have the abilities listed in the table for that client vault only.


  • You can easily make an employee the Firm Manager on a client's vault by assigning that employee to the client.
  • Some of these abilities are dependent on if you've changed any default settings in SmartVault. For example, the capacities granted to these groups can vary if you've edited the group access settings on your folder templates.
  • There are several groups for using SmartVault as a tax accountant. SmartVault uses groups to manage access to and security for your documents. You should only set an employee in your tax firm as an Administrator in SmartVault if you are comfortable with that employee having additional access and abilities in your SmartVault account.
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