Sharing the Complete Tax Return with Clients Instead of the Client Copy or Government Copy


All files in the DMS Tax Returns folder (except the Client copy and Government copy) will be imported by default to the Tax Returns folder. These files will not appear in the client portal, and your clients cannot view these files.

If you print out the Complete tax return to send to your clients instead of the Client copy or Government copy, and you want clients to see these in their client portal, edit the DMS migration rule to copy the Complete tax returns to the Client Tax Returns folder.

Return to these steps when you are ready to begin your migration.


  1. Click on the Import Data icon on the SmartVault Launchpad window.
  2. Select Intuit DMS as the source and select your SmartVault account to import to. Click Next.
  3. Click Folder Mapping on the next screen.
  4. The DMS Folder Mapping tool opens. The folder mapping for the Client folder displays by default.
  5. Click the down arrow next to Client and select Tax Year Engagement.
  6. Select the option "Move complete copy of tax return to location of Complete Copy (using association)" and then click Edit.
  7. Under the Destination Folder section on the Mapping Definition window that opens, click the down arrow to expand the menu next to Target Association.
  8. Select "Client Copy of tax return" and click OK.
  9. On the DMS Folder Mapping window, click OK.
  10. Your Complete Returns now map to the Client Tax Returns folder during the migration, and each client can access this tax return type.

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