SmartVault PowerTools


The SmartVault Power Tools is a stand-alone tool installed separately with these two components:

  • Provisioning Tool
  • Security Analyzer


The SmartVault Power Tools provide an easy way for SmartVault administrators to:

  • Analyze and manage security permissions on existing users.
  • Automate provisioning new users, creating user folder sets, and assigning vault folder security settings for new and existing users.

This page provides some additional information about the SmartVault Power Tools, along with links to download the application and the User Guide, including sample files.


With these tools, advanced account administrators can:

  • Automate the provisioning of new users in “bulk” and also set up complete folder hierarchies using custom folder and security templates for your users.
  • Reprovision security for existing client folders in SmartVault.
  • Analyze and manage security permissions for your existing users on a user-by-user basis.

When to Use

Use the Provisioning tool when you have to create a lot of folders and invite clients to share those folders.

Use the Security Analyzer when you want to review the permission on each folder for each user.


  • Requires SmartVault administrator credentials.
  • Once installed, it is in the SmartVault programs folder in the Start menu.
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