What You Should Know about Sharing in SmatVault


Protect your data and ensure compliance with SmartVault's secure online document storage. Once you start using SmartVault, begin secure file sharing with your employees or external users such as clients and guests. Take a quick review of the Best Practices for the Vault and Folder Structure to give you an idea of how our existing customers are setting up their accounts. Once you create your vaults and folders, begin secure file sharing.


SmartVault allows you to share in two ways.

  • Share using group membership (for your internal users and when sharing the entire vault).
  • Share a folder(s) explicitly with a client or a guest.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Secure file sharing allows you to granularly segregate access to resources in your account without fear of individuals gaining access to documents you don't want them to see.

Share Vaults using Manage Group Members

Use the Manage Group Members option when you want to give users specific access to every folder and document in the vault without exception.

Share Folders using Share and Manage Access

Use the Share & Manage Access option when you want to give users access to some but not all of the vault folders or give users more access to some folders but less access in other folders.

When to use this feature?

Share a Vault

Learn more about Group Membership permissions

Share a Vault with:

  • Employees who need to share all the folders in the vault.
  • Clients to whom you need to allocate the entire vault.

Share a Folder

Learn more about Share and Manage Access permissions

Share a Folder:

    • With an external user, such as a client or a guest.
    • To give different levels of permissions to different folders.
  • Some folders you may want to give the client the ability to upload documents such as a Send to My CPA folder.
  • In other folders, you may want to provide the client with the ability only to view, download, and print documents such as the Tax Returns folder.