Using the SmartVault PDF Printer to Print from Windows File Explorer or Your Desktop


The SmartVault PDF Printer allows you to convert files to PDFs and upload those PDFs to SmartVault using the Connected Desktop, the QuickBooks Toolbar, or the Inbox.

If you are working in one or more of these tools simultaneously, the SmartVault PDF Printer prompts you to select which tool you want to receive the printed PDF you create. By default, if no SmartVault tools are open, the Inbox opens when you print to SmartVault.


Be sure to set your computer to use the SmartVault PDF Printer as the default printer if you want to print from the Windows File Explorer or your desktop. If you don't set SmartVault PDF Printer as your default printer, your computer will choose the default printer when printing from these locations, and your file will not upload to SmartVault. Click here for more information about the SmartVault PDF Printer.

Using the PDF Printer to Upload Files to SmartVault

  1. Set the SmartVault PDF Printer as your default printer.
  2. Navigate to the file to print on your computer.
  3. Right-click on the file and select Print.
  4. Depending on the SmartVault applications you currently have open, a window displays the possible locations to which you can send the printed PDF. Select one.

Your file uploads to SmartVault.

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