Customizing Client Salutations for Email Templates in SmartVault

In SmartVault, you can personalize your client's email by customizing salutations. Use this feature to ensure that your emails reflect a more personal or preferred address, such as calling William Blake "Billy" instead of his formal name.

To Set Custom Salutations

  1. Access the Client Management area:
    1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
    2. Select Manage Employees from the navigation sidebar.
  2. Modify Client Details:
    1. Locate the client for whom you wish to customize the salutation and click to open the Client Details page.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. In Salutation, select the preferred salutation from the dropdown menu.
      CM - Edit client salutation.png
    4. Click Save Client to update the client's details.
  3. Select Email Templates:
    1. Click your initials at the top right corner of the page and select Settings.
    2. Navigate to Account Settings > Manage Account, and click Email Templates.
      Select email templates.png
    3. Click the template to edit it (e.g., "Tax Return - Individual").
      Email Templates - Tax Return.png
    4. Ensure the greeting in the template includes %ClientSalutation%. Adjust the format if necessary, for instance, changing "Dear" to "Attn:".
    5. Click Save Changes to apply changes to the template.
    6. Find more details in our Customizing Email Templates in SmartVault guide.
  4. Repeat for Other Clients:
    1. Follow the steps above for every client who needs a personalized salutation.

Notes and Best Practices

  • Salutation Field: This field allows you to directly influence how your client is addressed in automated emails, enhancing the personal touch in your professional communication.
  • Email Template Customization: Always ensure the %ClientSalutation% tag is correctly placed within the email template to pull through the custom salutation set for each client.
  • Uniformity Across Communications: Use consistent salutations across all relevant email templates to maintain consistency and personalization.

By setting custom salutations, you foster a more personalized relationship with your clients and enhance the professionalism of your communications by acknowledging their preferences.

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