Setting the Custom Salutation for Clients to Use with Email Templates


You can set customized salutations for clients that can then be used within the email templates that generate the emails sent to your customers. By default, the email template uses the first and last name of the client as it appears in SmartVault.

However, if you have a client that uses a different name, you can set a custom salutation just for that client. For instance, you might have a client named William Blake, but you know that the only person to call him William was his mother. So in William Blake's client information, you can set a custom salutation that greets him as "Billy."

Setting the Custom Salutation for Clients

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Clients.
  3. Locate the client in your client list and click the View client information icon.
  4. Click the Edit client icon and click the + symbol under Salutation override.
  5. Add the custom salutation for this client—for example, Billy for William.
  6. Click the Save changes icon.
  7. Click the menu icon and select Dashboard.
  8. Click Email Templates.
  9. Click Tax Return to edit your tax return email template.
  10. Verify that the greeting contains %ClientSalutation%. Make any changes to the greeting format—for example, delete "Dear" and replace it with "Attn: ".
  11. If you make any changes, click Save changes.
  12. Repeat steps 4-7 for the remaining clients that require a custom salutation.
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