Using SmartVault's Search Bar in the Clients View of the Connected Desktop

You can use the Search Bar to filter your Client List to display only the client or clients you need to work with.

The Search Bar allows you to filter your Client List according to you the text you enter. The text entered in the Search Bar looks for matches in the columns in the Client List; those columns are these three identifiers of your clients:

When the text matches either the Name, Client ID, or Tax Type of a client, that client is displayed in your Client List pane. For example:

All clients displayed here have "ind" somewhere within one of the three columns. Most match on Tax Type because each is an Individual type. But the client, KW Partnership, only has a match on one column—the Client ID column.

Even though KW Partnership has the Tax Type of "Partnership," since there is a match on the Client ID, KW Partnership is still displayed. If the intention with this search was to display only Clients with a Tax Type of Individual, a longer search term might be required. You can use multiple words to search, but the client must match both words to be displayed. For example:

Using the search term "ind car" brings up the only client that matches both "ind" and "car": the client Carl Sagan, with a Tax Type of Individual.

Another feature of the Search Bar is the Client Trail. As you interact with clients' files and folders, the Search Bar keeps a listing of up to the last 11 clients you've clicked on.

The most recent clients you've viewed display at the top of the list.

When to Use the Search Bar

The Search Bar is best utilized to pinpoint an individual client; for identifying clients by Tax Type, for example, there is a better tool for the job: the Client Filter option. The Search Bar can help you quickly bring up a client in a long client list by typing the name.

For a step-by-step procedure for completing a search, see Filter Your Client List with the Search Bar.


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