The married couple got divorced. What do I do? (Lacerte)


When a client gets divorced, you will need to split the clients among Lacerte before importing or printing a tax return to SmartVault. You will need to do this to ensure files are being routed to the correct vault.
Follow the steps given below on how to "split" the joint return so that you are not combining both clients into one vault when printing or importing the client(s) into SmartVault.

Resolving This Issue

  1. In Lacerte, identify the joint return that needs to be split. In this example, we will be working with Doe, John, and Jane.
  2. If the client is Locked, you will need to unlock it.
  3. Select the client and go to Tools > Split Joint Return.
  4. Select Proceed with the Split.
  5. Choose two NEW client IDs. You will need to ensure another client is not using the client IDs.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The joint return will remain untouched, and two new clients will be created.
  8. Import the new clients to SmartVault or print a new tax return for both of the new clients.
  9. Two new clients in SmartVault and the joint return will remain untouched in SmartVault.


  • If two clients with different email addresses have access to the joint return, they will continue to have access.
  • The two new clients will need to be invited using their email address to access their new split vault.
  • If you renamed the joint return instead of using the "Split" function in Lacerte, SmartVault will not create a new client, and the files will continue to route to the joint return. To fix this, you will have to follow these instructions to prevent that tax return from going into the joint return.
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