Installing an Alternative SmartVault Drive Client


This article will discuss how to install and configure an alternative to the default clients used to connect to the SmartVault Drive for Mac or Windows or to connect the SmartVault Drive to your Windows, iOS, or Android phone.

Installing an Alternative SmartVault Drive Client

1. Choose a WebDav client to connect to the SmartVault Drive.
Note: We do not partner in the development of these third-party applications and cannot offer to support them except to configure them to work with the SmartVault Drive. Third-party applications may have a cost associated with them. It is recommended you try any product and consider other apps on the market before purchasing.​​ We have tried the following applications, though they may not have extensively tested.

2. Download and Install your application.
3. Configure the client:​
Note: The options below will vary depending on the application you use. If you need additional assistance, please contact Support.

  • Name/Favorite/Bookmark: The name is up to your preference, though we recommend "SmartVault".
  • Server/Host/URI/URL/Address/Path: Make sure you enable https if there is an option for it. You cannot connect to SmartVault over Http.
  • User/Name: Your SmartVault email address.
  • Password: Your SmartVault password.

4. Save your settings as a favorite or bookmark so you can pull them up quickly next time you open the application.