Release Notes

SmartVault Release Notes for May 2020

Release Date: May 11, 2020

Feature Update

Changes to Global Templates

New Business Client Template by default containing the following folders:

  • Accounting > Accounting Services > Accounting Services Monthly
  • Correspondence
  • Payroll > Payroll Monthly
  • Permanent File
  • Tax > Tax Engagement

Now by default, all new Accounting plans will have the new Business Client Template and will apply whenever you create a client-defined as an Entity (organization).


Bug Fixes

QuickBooks Signing Certificate

Acquired and implemented the new QuickBooks certificate to allow SmartVault and QuickBooks Desktop to communicate.

User Count Update

Resolved an issue in the license manager to accurately reflect the correct number of user licenses after removing a user license.

Client Templates in Selector

Updated Client template name in the selector by removing the term "Accounting" to make it more generic for all types of clients.

Folder Templates in the Selector

Correctly ordered and reduced the number of folder templates in the selector to reflect the needs of the UK market in the UK SKUs.

All Structured Plans

Fix Permissions on all engagements—correctly applied permissions to all folders in engagements where they were missing.

  • Financial Services Template
  • Investment Template
  • Wealth Management Template (General Annual, General Monthly, General Quarterly)

UK SKU Plan Changes

Business Client Template

  • Corrected the group permissions on all folders to reflect proper access for each group.
  • Added Accounting Service Engagement > Monthly to the Accounts folder as default.
  • Added the Payroll folder to the Client folder as default with the proper permissions.

Individual Client Template

  • Added a new AML (anti-money laundering) folder to the Individual client template as default.
  • Corrected the group permissions on all other folders in the Individual client template as default.
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