Resolving the "Cannot Print to SmartVault - Integration Queues Folder Missing" Error

When printing a return to SmartVault from Lacerte or ProSeries, the document does not show up in SmartVault. After checking the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\PTDesktop\PendingPrintJobs\SmartVault path, pending print jobs, contain a .FAILED extension.

This error applies to:

  • SmartVault for Intuit Tax Lacerte and ProSeries
  • SmartVault for Intuit Tax Lacerte Solo and Team plans
  • SmartVault for Intuit Tax ProSeries Solo and Team plans


This error is likely to occur if the Employee's vault for the specific user does not contain the Integration Queue folder like below.

Resolving This Error

  1. Login in as a different administrative user to the SmartVault portal. (Add administrator)
  2. If the user experiencing the problem is the SmartVault primary contact, change the primary contact to a different administrative user.
  3. Remove the affected user from the Manage Licenses window.
  4. Add the user back as an employee from the View Dashboard page and mark them as an Administrator.
  5. Have the affected user open the SmartVault Launchpad and sign in.
  6. Open Lacerte.
  7. Print a tax return to verify.
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