Signing in to SmartVault with the SmartVault Launchpad


The SmartVault Launchpad gives you access to the SmartVault Desktop software installed on your computer or your hosted virtual desktop. You'll need to sign in to the installed desktop tools before you can use SmartVault.

You can also sign in to SmartVault with the QuickBooks Toolbar and the SmartVault Portal.

Signing in Using the Launchpad

  1. Click the Launchpad icon on your desktop.


    You can also open the Launchpad by going to Start > All Programs > SmartVault, and selecting SmartVault Launchpad. To pin the Launchpad icon to your taskbar, right-click the icon and select Pin to Task Bar.

  2. Enter your SmartVault username and password.
  3. (Optional) Enable the Remember email checkbox so that SmartVault remembers your email address.
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard or click Sign In to log into SmartVault.
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