Resending a SmartVault Activation Link

If an invitee (user. client, or guest) deletes or loses the original SmartVault activation link, you can resend it.

Note that the system will not send a new invitation if they have already activated their account. Instead, they need to reset their password

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Client Management, and then type a client's name in the Search field. 

  3. Click Actions to the right of the client's name, and then select Invite Client.
  4. The client's status will display their login is activated or that they have already been invited.

Resending an Activation Link without Access to the Portal

Contact our Support Team if you cannot access the Portal.

Alternatively, you can enter the email address you'd like to invite on the SmartVault Portal.

You can enter any random password, and the system will check to see if the invitee has activated their account before and if not. If not, it will automatically resend them an invitation.

This screenshot shows how the invitation should look when an invitation is resent via this method.

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