Integrating Lacerte or ProSeries with SmartVault

You can control how SmartVault integrates with the Lacerte or ProSeries applications for each tax application you have installed. For example, you can allow SmartVault to integrate with Lacerte 2021 but not with Lacerte 2020.      

Typically, you configure your integration settings the first time you open SmartVault after installing the application, but you can manually change the settings following the instructions in this article.

Granting SmartVault Access to Lacerte or ProSeries

  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad.
  2. Click SmartVault User Settings, and then click on the Extensions tab. Only the tax applications you have installed display.
    SV - Launchpad User Settings Extensions tab.png
  3. Select the integration settings for each tax application, and then click OK.
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