Understanding Zoning


Zoning allows us to segment our customers by persona and maintain several production lanes at one time to minimize the number of issues reported by our customers.

Zoning also allows us to push new features and functionality out into the field as a pilot release. This way, we can receive feedback from early adopters operating in a controlled environment (in terms of the number of users selected to receive the pilot). 

How to Tell What Zone a Customer Is In

When accessing the Dashboard, you can tell the zone by the URL:

  • portal000.smartvault.com = zone 0
  • portal001.smartvault.com = zone 1

Visit the Zoning section of the Dashboard (see below). Look for the row with Yes in the Current column.

Accessing/Switching Zones

You can access and switch zones by clicking Zoning under Manage Account in the SmartVault Portal Settings:


You can only upgrade from zone to zone by not installing new software. To downgrade (going from Zone 1 to Zone 0), you must uninstall the current desktop software and reinstall it for Zone 0.

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