Understanding DocuSign Envelopes and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)

Explore the functionality of DocuSign Envelopes and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), two key elements of the DocuSign e-signature process. For detailed assistance on specific DocuSign functionalities, please access your account or explore the resources available at the DocuSign Help Center.

DocuSign Envelopes

A DocuSign Envelope is a package that carries documents to recipients for their electronic signature. An envelope can contain up to 25MB of documents and be sent to any recipient for e-signatures

Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)

KBA, or Knowledge-Based Authentication, is an enhanced security measure that uses public records to verify the identity of signers. This method could involve answering questions related to personal history, like past addresses. Using KBA for envelope signers introduces additional costs.

Practical Scenarios

  • For General Documents: An Envelope suffices when no signer identity verification is required.
  • Single Signer Verification: A document needing identity verification for one signer requires one Envelope and one KBA.
  • Multiple Signers Verification: For a document that needs identity verifications for two signers, one Envelope and two KBAs are necessary. 

  Important Consideration

IRS documents such as Form 8879 require a KBA or an identity check for each signer to validate e-signatures as compliant.

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