Choosing SmartVault's E-Signature Solution: Why It's the Right Choice?

Many e-signature solutions are available today, so what makes SmartVault's e-signature solution, powered by DocuSign, better than the rest?

Our e-signature solution allows SmartVault Account Admins to purchase Envelopes and KBAs as needed without additional subscription or user licensing fees.  

What are Envelopes and KBAs?

  • Envelopes are what you send documents out in to be e-signed.
  • KBAs are optional ways to verify a signer's identity better.

  Pro Tip

Discover the seamless process of creating a new e-signature account via SmartVault.

How It Works

Each SmartVault User/Employee who needs to send documents out for e-signature should have their own DocuSign login and password. Otherwise, the Administrator of the DocuSign account created via SmartVault will get email notifications and updates on every document that each SmartVault User on their account sends out for e-signature.


With Envelopes, you can include any single document or file up to 25MB in size that can be emailed to any number of people to be e-signed.

  • You can send over 30 file types for e-signature, including .pdf, .docx, .txt, .xlsx, .pptx, .html, .jpg, .gif, and .tiff.
  • You can send a single document out for e-signature to multiple people using just 1 Envelope.
  • If you require advanced signer verification through a personal fact-checking questionnaire (also known as a KBA), you must include one or more KBAs in the Envelope you send.


KBAs (Knowledge-Based Authentications) are advanced ID checks that include 3rd party verification of a signer's identity. 

  • Each signer's identity verified via KBA incurs an additional cost.
  • KBAs are required by law when signing certain sensitive documents, such as IRS Tax Forms 8878 & 8879.
  • You can only use a KBA with an Envelope.

SmartVault's E-Signature Features

No additional monthly or annual subscription costs
    • Like a utility company, most e-signature solution providers charge you monthly and consumption fees.
    • All SmartVault plans, except Business Basic and Standard, get free access to SmartVault's e-signature feature!
There are no extra licensing fees charged per user
    • E-signature solution providers typically charge additional licensing fees for each user added to an account.
    • Feel free to invite 1, 10, or all other Admins and Users/Employees to your e-signature account created via SmartVault at no additional cost.
E-Signature Envelopes and KBAs purchased through SmartVault never expire
    • Most e-signature solutions include Envelopes and KBAs that expire at the end of the month or billing period.
    • Envelopes and KBAs purchased through SmartVault are attached to your account and will never expire as long as your SmartVault account remains active.
    • Did you buy too many Envelopes or KBAs this tax season? Not to worry, you can still use them next year!
Pay per use or buy in bulk and save
    • Many e-signature plans limit how many Envelopes you can send monthly or require a hefty subscription fee to lower your cost per Envelope.
    • SmartVault keeps things simple: you can purchase a single Envelope or KBA if you wish, or if you buy them in bundles of 50 at a time, you can save 20%!
Super easy and very secure
    • Typical e-signature solutions force you to sign in to their website, search for the document on your computer, and then upload it to their website before sending it out for e-signature.
    • Once enabled, all you have to do to send a file out for e-signature from SmartVault is: right-click on the document in the Connected Desktop and select "Get Signature" from the drop-down menu - that's it!
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