Scanning Documents Using the SmartVault Inbox and a ScanSnap Scanner

You can scan documents directly into a secure folder in SmartVault using the SmartVault Inbox and a ScanSnap scanner. Document storage and upload have never been more accessible.

See the list of Scanners Supported by SmartVault.

Scanning Documents 

  1. Create SmartVault ScanSnap Profiles:
    • Right-click on your ScanSnap icon in the system tray and select Scan Button Settings.


      If your scanner is unplugged, a red no symbol will appear on the icon. Your scanner must be connected to the SmartVault Inbox.

    • Under Profile, select SmartVault Inbox, click Apply, and then OK.
  2. Open the SmartVault Launchpad:
    • Sign in if prompted.
    • Click SmartVault Inbox.
  3. Select the Folder:
    • Click the All Folders tab.
    • Navigate to the folder to which you're uploading documents and click Select.
  4. Scan the Document:
    • Leave the Upload Documents window open.
    • Place your document into the ScanSnap scanner, then press the Scan button.
    • Depending on which SmartVault tools you currently have open, a dialog window asking for the destination of your scan will appear. Click Inbox.
  5. Review and Accept the Scan:
    • The Upload Documents window now contains a preview of your scan, a file name, and a description of the scanned document.
    • Click Accept if the information is correct. Otherwise, correct the name and description information and then click Accept.
    • SmartVault uploads the scanned document.


If you want to create full-text searchable PDFs when scanning, enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities after creating your SmartVault Inbox ScanSnap profile. For more information, see Configure a ScanSnap Scanner.

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