Creating SmartVault Profiles for ScanSnap Scanners

If you have a ScanSnap scanner, you can use SmartVault ScanSnap profiles to transition to a paperless office with online document storage quickly.

First, create SmartVault ScanSnap profiles on your local computer. Then, use the SmartVault Inbox to scan documents into folders in the SmartVault Portal. If you use QuickBooks, you can use the SmartVault Toolbar to scan and attach documents to more than 30 QuickBooks entries.

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Creating SmartVault ScanSnap Profiles

To create SmartVault profiles for a ScanSnap scanner:

  1. Use the SmartVault ScanSnap Profile Maker:
    • On the SmartVault Launchpad, click Fujitsu ScanSnap Integration.
    • Verify that ScanSnap Manager is installed on your computer, and then click Create Profiles. SmartVault creates a SmartVault Inbox profile and a SmartVault Toolbar profile for your ScanSnap scanner.
    • Review the confirmation message, and then click Close.
  2. Verify Profiles: 
    • In the notification area of your computer desktop, left-click the ScanSnap icon and verify that the following two profiles are displayed: 
      • SmartVault Inbox
      • SmartVault Toolbar
  3. Using the SmartVault Profiles:
    • The SmartVault Inbox profile is selected by default. This profile lets you scan documents into secure folders using the SmartVault Inbox.
    • If you use QuickBooks and want to scan and attach documents directly to QuickBooks entries using the SmartVault Toolbar, select the SmartVault Toolbar profile.
  4. Enable OCR Capabilities:
    • To create full-text searchable PDF files, enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities for your SmartVault Inbox profile and your SmartVault Toolbar profile:
      • Right-click the ScanSnap icon in the notification area of your computer desktop.
      • Select Scan Button Settings.
      • On the File option tab, in the Select OCR area, enable the Convert to Searchable PDF checkbox.
      • Click OK to confirm that you understand the scan may take extra time due to the processing time required for the scanner software to perform text recognition functions.
      • In the OCR options area, select All pages, and then click OK.
      • Click Yes to save the new settings for the profile.


If you enable OCR capabilities for the SmartVault Inbox and SmartVault Toolbar profile, scanning a document will typically take longer. This extra time is required for the scanning software that comes with your ScanSnap scanner to perform text recognition operations on the scanned document and create a searchable PDF.

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