Creating a Project


Projects allow you to leverage our folder structure and templates to create individual and multiple projects under a particular client. 

For example, accounting firms can use Projects to create custom engagements, such as a Schedule C folder structure for those clients that need a separate folder structure for Schedule C returns. 

Likewise, non-accounting firms can use Projects for the various jobs they do for their customers (e.g., roofing, plumbing, kitchen rebuilds, etc.).

Creating a New Project

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Clic Client Management.
  3. From the Client Management view, select the clients for which you wish to create the project.
  4. Click the Actions button Actions_icon.png and select Add Engagements to all.
  5. Select Project from the Select Engagement drop-down menu, enter a Project Name, and click Add.
  6. The Adding Engagements pop-up modal appears, displaying the Project engagement added to the clients and the status.
  7. The Project folder is created inside the vault of each selected client.
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