Attaching a Document in the SmartVault Inbox to a Reckon Accounts Entry

Before Getting Started

Keep in mind that documents are not stored locally and are only associated through a unique ID in SmartVault. All documents reside on the SmartVault servers. For more information, see Troubleshooting Guide: Reckon Accounts Toolbar.

You must have Full Access (RWCD) permissions on the Applications\QuickBooks\Documents> folder in SmartVault to move and attach documents in the SmartVault Toolbar.

Attaching a Document to a Reckon Accounts Entry

  1. Open your company file and navigate to the entry you want to attach your document to or create a new entry.
    Note: For this example, we will use a bill from a vendor.
  2. Click the Attach icon at the top of the SmartVault Toolbar to access the Attach Document window. 
  3. Click Inbox to select your document.
  4. Select your document and click Move.
  5. If your document's location does not automatically appear, click Browse or click the black right-pointing triangle icons to move through the folders in your account.
  6. Now when you access the bill, the View Documents icon in the Toolbar has a 1 next to it. This indicates the number of documents attached to the entry.

For a complete list of the Desktop transactions that support attaching documents, see Supported Reckon Accounts Transactions.

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