Installing the SmartVault App for the iPad or iPhone


With the SmartVault iPad and iPhone apps, you have a SmartVault command center right on your mobile device that you can use to browse, search, view and share stored documents. Find out how to use SmartVault on a Android device

With the SmartVault app on your iPhone or iPad, you can: 

  • Send and receive links to files.
  • Email files as attachments.
  • Search for files just like in the SmartVault Portal.
  • Easily upload photos to SmartVault. This is really handy for taking pictures of receipts (or any other images you need to upload to SmartVault).
  • Work with other apps that support the “Open in…” feature to share files between apps.
  • Use an enhanced PDF viewer in full-screen mode. This is great for viewing PDF files on your iPad and a great way to run slide shows right from your iPad (if you save presentations to PDF one slide per page).

Installing the SmartVault App

1. Open the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
2. In the Search field, enter smartvault, and then select smartvault for iphone and ipad in the search results list. 

3. Select SmartVault for iPhone and iPad.

4. Install the app. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password.

5. Open the SmartVault app.
6. Tap Sign In to authorize the app to use your SmartVault account.

7. Enter your SmartVault user ID email address and password, and then tap Sign In

8. Tap Allow to grant the SmartVault app access your SmartVault account.

9. You may need to connect your account to the app. If the window below appears, copy the PIN displayed in the User PIN field.

10. Paste the User PIN into the field at the top of the window, and then tap Go

Note: For security purposes, SmartVault strongly recommends that you set a SmartVault passcode lock. This helps ensure that unauthorized users will not be able to access your documents in SmartVault if you iPad or iPhone is lost or stolen.

11. Tap Set SmartVault Passcode.

12. Enter your passcode, and then re-enter it.

Your iPad or iPhone is now configured for SmartVault!