Using the Connected Desktop

The Connected Desktop is the easiest way to work with the tax documents you store in SmartVault. You can use it to upload, download, scan, edit, generate, and send documents for your clients.

Watch the following video for an overview of the SmartVault Connected Desktop.

Understanding the Document View Pane

The Document View pane is the main working space in the Connected Desktop where you can view and manage the client files and folders stored in SmartVault.

Use the Document View toolbar to perform tasks on files or folders. These options are context-sensitive and change depending on whether you work with a file or a folder.


Actions for Files

In the Document View pane, you can perform the following actions on files:

  • Upload files to folders by browsing or by dragging.                  
  • Scan and upload a file directly to a folder.  
  • Open, edit, and save a file.
  • Print a file.
  • Send links to files via email.
  • Email password-protected files.      
  • Cut, copy, paste, rename, and delete files.

Actions for Folders

In the Document View pane, you can perform the following actions on folders:

  • Create new folders.
  • Drag and drop folders to SmartVault.
  • Drag and drop folders to your local computer.
  • Cut, copy, paste, rename, and delete folders.

Using the Right-Click Menu

When you right-click on a file, a menu opens to display the actions you can perform. 


Open - Opens the file in the default program.

Edit - Opens the Scan Document window where you can make changes to a PDF or image file. Right-click on a page to access the options (e.g., rotate, delete a page, add a note, highlight, stamp, add a checkmark, or x mark).

Open in Portal - Opens the file in the SmartVault Portal.

Open with - Allows you to view all of the options available on your computer. These options vary depending on the programs you have installed and the file you are attempting to open. 

Get Signature – Allows you to send documents from SmartVault to get an e-signature from recipients using DocuSign.

Send To - Allows you to view the available options for moving a file to your computer or a recipient. 


We recommend that you avoid using tools that attach unencrypted files to emails or fax messages.

Properties - Opens the properties dialog box to view more details about a file.


Using the Right-Click Menu on Folders

When you right-click on a folder, a menu displays the actions you can perform on a folder.


New Folder - Creates a new folder inside the selected folder.


Upload - Allows you to browse your computer for files to add to the folder.  


Scan - Opens the Scan Document window to add scanned documents or other document images to a folder.


Properties - Opens the properties dialog box to view more details about the folder.


Using the Right-Click Menu's General Features

Below are the right-click menu's general features. DeleteCutCopy, and Paste all functions in the same manner as in Windows Explorer. 

Cut - Removes the file from its current location and temporarily places it in the clipboard so you can move it to a new location.

Copy - Creates a copy of a file in a new location. 

Paste - Becomes active when you have a file copied to your clipboard after clicking Cut or Copy.

Select all - Selects all folders and allows you to perform an action on all folders in a client vault.


Find - Allows you to search within a client vault for a file or folder.


Refresh - Updates your Document View pane to display any new files or folders added to the Connected Desktop. You can also press the F5 key to refresh your Document View pane.

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