Inviting Clients to Your SmartVault Account (UK)

You give your clients access to your SmartVault account so they can download or upload their documents. 

Each of your clients will each have their own vault(s) in SmartVault. They can only view and access folders within their own vault(s).

What You See                   What Your Client Sees (Business Client)   

What You See                   What Your Client Sees (Individual Client)   

When deciding when to invite clients to SmartVault, consider the following:

  • You might want to invite all your clients at once when you set up your SmartVault account. 
  • You can also invite clients when you are collecting source documents so that your clients can upload those documents directly to the Client Source Documents folder. 

Note: You can also remove a client's access to SmartVault at any time. For more information, see Removing a User's Access to SmartVault. 

Inviting Clients from the Portal

To invite one or more clients to your account from the Portal:

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal

2. Click Clients.

3. Select the clients you want to invite, and then click the Invite Client icon.
Note: If your account contains more than 50 clients, you will need to navigate to the next page of clients to continue inviting additional clients. 

4. You are prompted to confirm that you want to invite clients. Click OK.
5. Review the confirmation message, and then click Close.

You can confirm each client has access to their files by selecting the appropriate folder for a client, and then clicking View Access and Notification Settings.

You can then review the Access and Notifications Settings information for that folder.

Inviting Clients from the Connected Desktop

1. Open the Connected Desktop.
2. Right-click on the client you want to invite and select Open client in Portal. Your browser displays the Client Info page in the Dashboard.

3. Click the Invite Client icon at the top left of the screen. A status window informs you if the invitation was submitted.

4. Click Close