Sending Financial Statements


The Sent Financial Statements dashboard lets you print financial statements and route it to the correct folder, see who has been sent a financial statement for a particular month, and see who has downloaded and viewed the statement.

It also lets you send a reminder to those who haven't yet downloaded the financial statement.

Before Getting Started

  • You must have a SmartVault plan that includes the SmartVault Dashboard or you will not have access to the Send Financial Statements workflow.
  • You must create the client in SmartVault first so that the Auto-Filer can properly tag and route their financial statement. If you have already created a new client but do not see their name listed within the Auto-File, open the Connected Desktop and refresh your client list.
  • The Auto-Filer defaults to an Accounting Services template that includes monthly subfolders. If you have removed or modified these monthly folders, the Send Financial Services workflow may no longer work. Contact SmartVault Customer Support for help.
  • The Send Financial Statements dashboard displays financial statements for corporate clients printed to SmartVault during the current month and year by default. It is possible to filter by other client types and by different months and years.

Send Financial Statements Workflow

There are two parts to the Send Financial Statements workflow:

1. Uploading the financial statement to the correct client vault and subfolder within SmartVault.
2. Sending a secure link of the file to the customer and tracking the document (if needed).

Once you have created the client in SmartVault, you can easily print a financial statement via the SmartVault PDF Printer and upload it to the appropriate client's folder using the Auto-Filer feature.  

Tagging a Document as a Financial Statement in the Auto-Filer

For information about tagging a document in the Auto-Filer, see Auto-Filing a Document.

To tag a document as a Financial Statement in the Auto-Filer, you must select the following options:

  1. Select engagement type = Accounting Services
  2. Select an existing tag = Financial Statement Set

If you haven't created an Accounting Services folder for your client, the Auto-Filer will automatically create the needed folders for you and will grant your client access to those folders based on the Accounting Services folder template.

Once the financial statement has been tagged and sorted by the Auto-Filer, the Send Financial Statements dashboard will show which clients' financial statements have been printed to SmartVault.  

If the financial statement has been properly tagged and printed to SmartVault, you can notify selected clients that their statements are ready for downloading.

The Send Financial Statements filter will also show which clients have downloaded their financial statement and track which clients have been sent notification emails and reminder emails.

Sending Financial Statements

To send financial statements:

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
2. Click Send to Clients.

3. Click Send Financial Statements.

4. Select the client(s) you want to send financial statements to, and then click the Send mail icon.

The following image describes the elements on the Send Financial Statements page.