Sending Tax Returns to Clients (UK)

SmartVault's Send Tax Return workflow makes it easy to see which of your clients' tax returns have been printed into SmartVault and which clients have been sent the Tax Return email.

SmartVault checks that the government and client copies are properly tagged through Lacerte/ProSeries integration or through the Auto-Filer, which prevents clients from receiving links to files that do not exist in SmartVault.  


If your Tax Return email template includes links to both the government copy and client copy of the client's tax return, both copies must be printed into SmartVault before sending the Tax Return email.

Sending Tax Returns to Clients

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Send to Clients.
  3. Click Send Tax Returns. The Send Tax Returns window displays. 
  4. Enable the checkboxes next to the client(s) you want to send the Tax Return email to.


    Ensure the Client Copy and Government Copy columns contain a Yes in one or both columns (depending on your Tax Return email template).

  5. Click the Send Income Tax Email icon. 
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Close

Resolving Errors

You may encounter an error while trying to send a Tax Return email to clients. SmartVault shows what caused the error in the Details link next to each client's name. The most common errors are due to missing email addresses or tax returns not being printed into SmartVault.

To resolve these issues:

  • Make sure that the client and/or government copy of the client's tax return has been printed to SmartVault 

    The default Tax Return email template includes links to both the client and government copies of each client's tax return, so a copy of each must be printed to SmartVault for the Send Tax Returns process to work. 

  • Make sure that the client's email address has been entered in SmartVault

    Incomplete or incorrect email addresses will prevent SmartVault from sending emails. 

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