Sharing a Vault with Guests and Clients

Using the Manage Group Members feature, you can give guests and clients access to your account without fear of other users gaining access to documents you don't want them to see.

SmartVault offers three Group Members options:

  • Vault Manager—Users in this group have full access (read, write, create, delete) and can invite other clients or add users not included in the vault's access.
  • Vault Full Access—Users in this group have full access (read, write, create, delete) but cannot invite other users.
  • Vault Read Only—Users in this group can only read and download from the vault. With this access, they cannot upload, overwrite, or delete from the vault.


The selected option will determine the user's access to the vault and its folders.

Sharing a Vault Using Manage Group Members

To share a vault using the Manage Group Members feature:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select View Files and Folders in the left sidebar.


  3. Go to the vault you want to share, click Actions Actions_icon_smalll.png, and select Properties.


  4. Click on the Manage Group Members tab.


  5. Select one of the Group Member options.
  6. Click Add Member to grant access.
  7. Select the user from the list and click Add.


    If you don't see the user, click Invite User Not in List and follow the prompts.

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