Copying Over Your Existing Folder Structure into SmartVault

If you have an existing folder structure that you would like to move into SmartVault, you can use the SmartVault Drive to create vaults and parent folders in SmartVault. 

Then you can copy and paste your existing folder structure into SmartVault using the SmartVault Drive.

For information on using the SmartVault Drive, see Mapping the SmartVault Drive.

Moving Folders into SmartVault

We recommend that you do not move a group of folders that contains more than 1 GB of data at one time into SmartVault using the SmartVault Drive. Instead, move or copy and paste folders into SmartVault in groups of 1 GB of data or less.

We offer a Bulk File Upload tool for migrating large amounts of data to SmartVault overnight. 

For more information, see Installing and Setting Up the SmartVault Bulk File Upload Tool

Tax Plan Users

This method of moving folders over is not for Tax Plan users. As a Tax Plan user, you create and provide access to vaults by inviting your employees and tax clients. 

Instead, refer to the following:

Creating Vaults and Folders

Granting Access to Vaults and Folders

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