Importing Clients in Bulk from Intuit Products with the Import Data Tool

The SmartVault Data Import Tool imports multiple clients from Lacerte or ProSeries to SmartVault at the same time. You can use the Import Data tool to import clients to SmartVault as you add clients to your Intuit product. If a client already exists in your SmartVault Account, the data tool recognizes the client and updates the existing client information or moves on to the next new client.

The following video walks you through importing clients via Intuit products (Lacerte and ProSeries).

Using the Import Data Tool

To import multiple clients from Lacerte or ProSeries using the Import Data Tool:


You must first add any new clients or update client information in Lacerte or ProSeries before using the Import Data Tool.

  1. Log into both the SmartVault Connected Desktop and Lacerte or ProSeries. Go to the year you would like to import.
  2. Open SmartVault Connected Desktop, then go to File>Import data.
  3. In Import Data, choose the Intuit software and year to import clients from and the SmartVault account to import to.
  4. Click Next.
  5. If using Lacerte (ProSeries users can skip this step), select the client types you want to import.
  6. Click Select All to import all clients. To choose specific clients, hold Ctrl and click each client you want to import.

    Image of import clients window. See information above.

  7. Click Finish. If a client already exists in SmartVault,  the data tool updates the existing client information with the new data from Lacerte or ProSeries. 
  8. Click Import All or Import Selected to confirm the import.
  9. A green check mark shows which clients are imported to your SmartVault account. Click Exit when you’re done.

    Image of completed imports window. See information above.

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