Managing Email Notifications for Folders and Vaults

SmartVault users can add email notifications to a vault or folder to be alerted when someone views, uploads, or downloads documents in a folder. For example, you can upload a tax return to your client's folder and be automatically notified when the client has viewed it.

If you use Request Docs to get supporting documents from your clients, you can get a notification when your client uploads a document. The email notification includes the user who did the activity, the file name, and the date the file was viewed, uploaded, or downloaded.

SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers can also add users, turn on notifications for specific users, and prevent users from changing the notification settings.

Managing Notifications for a Folder or Vault

To turn email notifications on or off for a vault or folder:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Go to the folder you want to turn notifications on or off.
  3. Click Actions actions_button.png next to the folder.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Click the Access and Notifications tab.
  6. Click Edit Access Settings.


  7. (SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers only) To add a user, click Add User then select their access and notification settings. When you are done, click Add.


  8. Select or clear the Upload Notification and Download Notification checkboxes to choose your email notifications.


  9. Select one of the options from Applies changes to. You can choose:
    • This folder only - Applies changes to this folder only
    • This folder and all subfolders - Applies any changes you made to both this folder and any subfolders


  10. Click Save Settings.
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