Using Upload/Download Email Notifications for a Folder or Vault


Notifications are an easy way for you to be notified when someone views, uploads, or downloads documents in a folder. Notification emails contain the person who did the activity, the file name, and the date the file was viewed, uploaded, or downloaded.

SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers can specify which users with access to a vault or folder should automatically receive notifications.

Many of our accounting and professional service customers rely extensively on this feature. For example, they can upload a tax return to their client's folder and no longer worry about it. They'll be automatically notified when the client has viewed it. 

Conversely, they may request some supporting documents from their clients. They don't have to monitor the folder to see if the client has uploaded the documents or not, as they'll get a notification when the upload occurs.

Managing Notifications for a Folder or Vault

To turn upload and download notifications for a vault or folder on or off:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Navigate to the folder for which you want to turn notifications on or off.
  3. Click the Container properties icon.
  4. Click the Access and Notifications tab.
  5. Click Edit Access Settings
  6. (Optional) Click Add User to add a user and assign access and notification settings. When you are done, click Add
  7. Enable or disable the Upload Notification and/or Download Notification checkboxes to enable or disable notifications when documents are uploaded or downloaded from this folder, respectively. 
  8. Select one of the options from the Applies changes to menu.
    • This folder only - Applies changes to this folder only.
    • This folder and all subfolders - Applies any changes you made to both this folder and any subfolders. 
    • This folder and make all subfolder access settings exactly like these - Applies changes for this folder to all subfolders to mirror the permissions on this folder. 
  9. Click Save Settings